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9 yards Saree Madisar and Panchagacham

Nine Yards Saree is a traditional saree that the south Indian Tamil Brahmin community wears. In Maharashtra, they use it as Nauvari or lugade Saree, which is also 9 yards saree. These Madisar sarees are distinguished by the total length of the fabric, which will be 360 inches in total, spreading to Ten yards.

Silk Sarees Nine Yards' designs are very different compared to six yards sarees, broader and thick from the bottom.9 yards Saree are culturally significant and religiously practiced in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. Madisar, also called a 9-yard saree, is gaining its traditional values. Now, all the customers, young girls recently married and modern women living abroad love to wear Madisar saree. Most of the time, it's the occasion, and considering the festival's time, Varalakshmi Nombu and Karthigai.

Kancheepuram is known for its silk, and also Mysore silk is the preferred fabric for 9 yards of Madisar sarees. Madisar saree fabrics are chosen with the best material, and the jarigai with gold halffine tint with lustrous appeal; The 9 yards Madisar Silk Saree is typically considered a very significant status symbol in the south in all marriage functions. The Nine yards has the most traditional kinds, with temple borders, bright colors, and arresting zari borders.

This length 360 inches os saree is used in south India Brahmins only. Specifically, Rituals, ceremony occasions sarees are without any jarigai. Weddings Sarees on those days even Gold of 2 to 4 grams and 10 to 50 grams of silver is used.

Typically Silk saree is a luxurious fabric and is mainly worn during the functions like marriage and Special occasions. The design is madampet, LIC border, mayil Kan, and many other border designs which have been running for many years, and still, people use to like the same as traditional design. We also work with many weavers; we have designed many new border designs and the butta in the saree area. These are measured as the most traditional sarees, and they usually come with more tricky designs and are made of luxurious fabrics.

Mama and Maimi Nine Yards saree collections are of different varieties in terms of fabrics and colors and are traditionally designed by the weavers.  

The classic traditional palette of all combinations of colors, like red, yellow, green, and blue, is the most popular choice. Many also go with various colors, with Pink as a favorite color.

The readymade Madisar saree draping has become very simple and time-saving with the unprecedented level of comfort of wearing, like a phant, and rolling the saree in minutes. When draped in the usual way, the madisar is flexible to wear and still follows the culture and tradition.

The Madisar saree has a great deal of symbolism, and it holds significant cultural and religious importance for Tamil Brahmin women.

One of the main symbols of the Madisar saree drape is the number of pleats. 

The Madisar saree is typically worn with nine pleats, representing the nine forms of devotion in Hinduism. These include devotion to the divine, selfless service, spiritual knowledge, truth, forgiveness, control of the mind and the senses, perseverance, and faith. 

Nine pleats also represent the nine planets in Hindu astrology, believed to impact a person's life profoundly.

Another symbol of the Madisar saree drape is the colour of the saree. The Madisar saree is traditionally red or maroon, representing purity, passion, and prosperity. Red is also considered an auspicious colour in Hindu culture, often worn during weddings and other occasions. The Madisar saree is worn as a symbol of marital status. 

Overall, the Madisar saree drape symbolizes devotion, purity, and modesty in Tamil Brahmin culture. It is an integral part of the traditional attire worn by women in this community, and it holds deep cultural and religious significance.

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