How to wear 9 yards saree?

This Panchakacham & Madisar pudavai is designed by Mrs.Dhanalakshmi. This is really suitable for the people who have less time and also wanted to wear Panchakacham & Madisar pudavai.
With a pre-stitched Panchakacham & Madisar in your wardrobe, you don't have to worry about getting ready for a function.
Panchakacham is similar to a phant, you can wear it in minutes. Lot of people like to wear it in their function but could not wear it because of time and its not in the practice. This is very easy to wear and you can see it in our youtube channel.
The typical design is already pre-stitched sari. So now, you don't have to bother about wearing it. All you have to do is wear the ready-made Madisar pudavai sari. Then you can just drape the remaining part of the sari over your shoulder according to the community, as we already said Iyers drape the Pallu (the layer of sari which comes over one's shoulder) over the right shoulder while Iyengars wear it over the left shoulder. It is as easy as that and it ensures that you can wear it comfortable and even feel relaxed in it.
Now, wear the Panchakacham & Madisar Saree in seconds and make others envious of you!

How to Measure?

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