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Traditional 9 yards Madisaar Saree

12 Apr 2023 11:27 AM By info

Traditional Madisar saree

The Madisar saree is a traditional attire worn by Tamil Brahmin women during special occasions and festivals. The Madisar saree is a 9-yard saree, which is draped in a specific style, and it has a unique design. Here is a brief explanation of the design of Madisar 9 yards saree:

  1. Fabric: The Madisar saree is typically made of silk or cotton fabric, which is light and comfortable to wear. The silk fabric is more commonly used for formal occasions, while cotton is used for everyday wear.
  2. Color: Madisar sarees come in a wide variety of colors. Red, green, yellow, and pink are popular colors for Madisar sarees. However, the color of the saree can be chosen according to the wearer's preference or the occasion.
  3. Pattern: The Madisar saree usually has a border at the bottom and a pallu (a long scarf-like drape) at the top. The border may be plain or have intricate designs, while the pallu is usually more decorative with intricate patterns and motifs.
  4. Draping Style: The Madisar saree is draped in a unique way that sets it apart from other sarees. The saree is wrapped around the waist and tucked between the legs, creating a pleated effect. The remaining fabric is draped over the shoulder and over the head, forming a V shape.
  5. Accessories: Traditional jewelry like gold necklaces, bangles, and earrings complement the Madisar saree. The hair is usually tied up in a bun and adorned with flowers or gold accessories.

Overall, the Madisar saree's design is elegant, intricate, and reflects the rich cultural heritage of Tamil Nadu.


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